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REDD + Project


The REDD + PAZcifico project involves the community councils of Unicosta, Prodefensa del Río Tapaje, Guapi Abajo and Cuenca del Río Iscuande in the improvement of their natural, social and cultural capital through conservation and protection activities of the natural forest in their jurisdiction, based on a participatory and autonomous approach. 

In turn, this community construction will contribute to the national goals of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and will improve the subsistence practices implemented in the territory, aiming at a lower impact on the environment, reduction of deforestation and degradation, and community forest management. 

In addition, the project seeks to generate positive externalities on the community’s biodiversity and socioeconomic environment, through connectivity between areas, flow of resources, and the design of new production alternatives aligned with conservation, forest management, and mangrove protection.


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    100.000 Tons. *Min vol for retirement: 50k (for large volumes below 50k please contact us directly)*

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