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Preserving the rainforest in the Amazon


Third Edition

RMLDT Portel - Para REDD project aims to preserve biodiversity in a high-threat region by empowering and capacitating the local Riverine Community

Strengthening forest ownership and rights

With a strong social goal, this project seeks to empower the local Riverine Community by supporting the acquisition of legal rights on the land they inhabit.

The Cadastrol Ambiental Rural document is key to achieve this goal, since it will enable them to develop profitable crops and improve their economic status.

This project protects over 171,973 ha in Portel, State of Para, Brazil, and includes 17 different private properties

Improving local communities' well-being and livelihood

Adding to land tenure, the RMLDT Portel – Para REDD Project promotes employment creation in the form of forest protection. Through capacity building, ribeirinhos will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods.

By the distribution of cookstoves, benefiting 250 community families, the project also contributes to food security.

Support the project to promote further social development

Backing this project broadens the development of activities with a direct positive impact to ribeirinhos’ everyday life.

Take, for instance, the construction of a new school building that will facilitate access to education, paving the way for improved opportunities to the local individuals.

The project

About the project

The project is registered under VERRA’s Verified Carbon Standard  (ID 977) and is a CCB Third Edition. The project complies with all the protocols required by the standard. 

4K Earth Science Private Limited (4KES) is the third party entity in charge of the verification of the emission reduction during the project’s second monitoring period (1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018)

How does the project contribute to the area?

By preventing further deforestation and promoting the growth and regeneration of degraded forests, the RMLDT Portel – Para REDD Project supports the fragile ecosystem of the Amazonian Rainforest

Total of 250 community families have been benefited with cookstoves

The land title document has benefited 220 individuals over 22,000 hectares

200 community members have been provided with educational and training material

Project activities have enabled improved livelihoods and income for a total of 700 people

The project and the community


The RMLDT Portel – Para Project has a strong and direct impact to the area and the local community. The preservation of the Amazon rainforest in the area contributes to climate change adaptation, but also in social benefits to the local communities. 

  • Capacity building on agroforestry techniques. This will help riberinhos develop more efficient crop systems, thus protecting the regeneration of degraded forests

  • Training to local villagers to develop the skills needed to monitor the forest and track social and biodiversity factors.

  • Foster local socioeconomic development

  • Diversification of food through agroforestry practices, improving in local nutrition

  • Secured land tenure

Net estimated emission reductions during the project lifetime

Annual estimate emission reduction

The project has generated 1,060,652tCO2e net emission reductions over the monitoring period of January 1, 2018–December 31, 2018.

The project is registered under VCS with the CCB label, complying with all the requirements established under the methodology VM0015 v1.1.

VERRA is a nonprofit corporation that manages the world’s leading voluntary carbon markets program, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program, as well as a suite of other programs, incubates new ideas to generate meaningful environmental and social value at scale, and advances the use of these programs worldwide.


How does this project contribute to the SDG’s?

The RMDLT Portel Para REDD Project is aligned with the Agenda 2030 of the Paris Agreement.

The outlined and implemented activities comprehended in the project’s development contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the beneficiary communities, with a special impact in the following SDGs:

Contribute to the sustainable development of the Riverine Community


RMDLT Portel – Para REDD Project’s proponent is the RMDLT Property Group Ltd. ALLCOT Trading has marketing rights for these carbon credits.

ALLCOT is not involved in the development of this project. The project has been validated, registered and verified under VCS with the CCB label. The project complies with all the protocols required by the standard, as well as the third party involved in this process, 4K Earth Science Private Limited (4KES).

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