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Conservation of natural forest by and for traditional indigenous people



This REDD+ project, owned and managed by the area’s indigenous inhabitants, Parintintin, aims to protect and conserve 210,000 Ha of native Amazon forest


 An endangered unique native forest

The Ipixuna Reserve holds valuable and unique biodiversity and is greatly endangered by deforestation.

The reserve belongs to the “Arco do Desmatamento” (Arc of deforestation), a highly threatened area due to cattle farms, illegal logging and illegal mining operations.

The Parintintin, the traditional indigenous people of the region, are
also known as Kagwahiva, meaning “our people”

Protecting the environmental wealth of the territory

Set in the  Madeira River basin, the Parintintin, through their territorial autonomy, seek to preserve their culture identity and to promote the conservation and sustainable management of their natural forests.

They aim to defend their traditional culture and improve their quality of life, which is what makes this project so unique. The Parintintin have decided to carry out the project by free decision, unanimously among the community.

Ipixuna Reserve

The project is located in central south region of the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

It borders with Rondônia and Mato Grosso, and it comprises the municipalities of Humaita, Amazonas. 

The project

About the project

The Ipixuna REDD+ Project, structured over a 20-year period and registered in the CERCARBONO standard (#125), is a community-based REDD project that has the goal of creating additionality and continuity in relation to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The project is community based with 42 community members living in the project area.

What is the project's contribution?

The project aims to conserve carbon reserves, to promote the sustainable management of the forest reserves and its improvement.

Its positive impacts include:

Conservation and protection of 210,000ha of native Amazon forest

Community empowerment and ownership over the conservation activities

Governance strengthening and recovering of local culture, tradition and knowledge

Contribution to the achievement of Brazil's national NDC

The project and the community

Ipixuna REDD+ Project has many positive impacts in both the community and the area. The overall project goals are to:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions derived from deforestation and forest degradation

  • Protect rainforests, which are expected to be deforested in the absence of the project activities

  • Develop activities focused on non-timber products such as sustainable construction and ecotourism, among others

  • Conserve carbon reserves and sustainably manage native forest reserve while improving them

  • Promote gender equity education by increasing the leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship capacity of indigenous women in collective territories

This project is verified under the CERCARBONO standard, using its Protocol for Voluntary Carbon Certification.

CERCARBONO is a standard with a voluntary carbon certification programme that facilitates and guarantees the registration of Climate Change Mitigation Programmes or Projects (CCMPs), the certification of emissions, and the registration of the carbon credits generated by these initiatives.

With the income from carbon credit revenue, the project will be able to reinforce and expand its SDG positive impacts

How does this project contribute to the SDG’s?

The activities implemented as part of this project contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals in the beneficiary communities, complying with all 17 SDGs.

With a special focus on:

Action for the Implementation of SAF's Agroforestry Systems in the Indigenous Territory Ipixuna

Carrying out a dental campaign for the Pirahã people of the Indigenous Territory Ipixuna, among many other health campaigns

Consultative meetings with communities have been carreid out, introducing the objectives of the carbon credit project

Biodiversity Monitoring and Mapping of Brazil chestnut groves as a tool for territorial surveillance in the Indigenous Territory Ipixuna

Interested in purchasing credits for this project?

We are here to help!

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    Ipixuna REDD+ project’s proponent is OPIPAM (Organization do Povo Indigena Parintintim do Amazonas). ALLCOT Trading has marketing rights for these carbon credits.

    ALLCOT is not involved in the development of this project. The project has been registered under CERCARBONO with 4K EARTH SCIENCE PRIVATE LIMITED as external verification entity. The project complies with all the protocols required by the standard.

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