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VCS 2930-Reducing Gas Leakages within the Titas Gas

Distribution Network in Bangladesh


This is technology project, with CDM features , has achieved reductions in gas leaks from natural distribution center components in Greater Dhaka and around areas, more specifically in the Republic of Bangladesh.

This big project has reduced methane leaks in the Titas Gas aerial infrastructure, and gas distribution system, use several advanced leak detection equipment to identify leaks in all of the above-ground infrastructure of the Titas Gas distribution system. 

The main leak detection and quantification technology used in the project is the “Hi-Flow Sampler HFS”, which is a machine designed to detect and measure leaks in gas infrastructure.

Due to this and allowing the development of the project, it has surveyed 503,974 gas pressure regulation stations across the Titas gas distribution system and identified and repaired 38,093 leaks, leading to emission reduction of methane, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG). It is relevant to let know that involve the sustainable development goals and is committed with their compliance. 

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