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VCS 981-Precajai

Proyecto REDD+

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ADPML Portel-Para REDD+ project, is located in Portel microregion, Brazil has a area of 135,105.6 Ha in 18 privately owned properties called “Glebas” for a total of 148,974.8 Ha in the Portel microregion, with the aim of avoiding and preventing unplanned deforestation in native forests and thus avoid the net emission of 10,564,630 tCO2e during the 41-year life of the Project, through a land use plan in the form of a “private conservation reserve”.

Pacajai project bring impacts that seek a solution to the mentioned goals, benefits that are transferred to the development of climate, community and biodiversity, among can find: security in land for the population, certified workshops of land, georeferenced information, support to improve the organizational capacities of the community for better management of local resources and building  capacity in agroforestry systems in addition to local protection ecosystems through avoided unplanned deforestation and implementation of energy efficient stoves, and cassava production for community development.

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