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Avoiding CO2 emissions while improving the health and well-being of its users

Zaoyuan solar cooker project


Zaoyuan Solar Cooker Project replaces fossil fuel (coal) used by rural dwellers in daily cooking with solar energy, avoiding CO2 emissions that would be generated by fossil fuel consumption


Providing safe, clean and green energy fuelled cooking solutions

The Zaoyuan Solar Cooker Project provides clean and reliable energy supply for their daily cooking of the local communities.

The long-standing method of cooking with coal-fired stoves not only contributes to air pollution, but also poses a direct threat to the health and well-being of residents. Additionally, it is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The distribution of solar cookers brings a solution to this problematic and positively impacts the sustainable development of the project area.

What is a solar cooker?

Solar cookers are a kind of device that use parabolic reflectors to gather direct solar radiation energy for cooking. They are generally composed of a cooker body, pot rack, cooker rack, and tracking and adjusting mechanism.  
Changgong photovoltaic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the provider of all the solar cookers distributed in the project area.

This project is located in Zhenping County, Henan Province – China.  Solar cookers have been distributed in rural areas of six townships:

The project

About the project

The Zaoyuan Solar Cooker Project involves the distribution of 50,000 solar cookers to rural households in Zhenping County, Henan Province. It is registered under Gold Standard (#7606). The project complies with all the requirements established under the methodology AMS-I.C.

tCO2e of estimated annual GHG emission reduction

What is the project's contribution?

The distribution of solar cookers aims to enable rural households in the region to efficiently substitute solar energy for the fossil fuel (coal) used in daily cooking and water boiling. The project contributes in:

Avoiding CO2 emission that would be generated by fossil fuel consumption

Improving the health conditions of local communities

Fostering the creation of job opportunities and improving local living conditions

The project, the community and the area

The Zaoyuan Solar Cooker Project has many positive impacts in both the community and the area. The overall project goals are to:

  • Reduce local families’ coal purchase expenses by implementing the use of solar energy to cook and boil water

  • Increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

  • Educate and train the rural population on solar energy technology

  • Create employment and job opportunities

  • Build awareness in environmental protection among the rural population

This project is verified under Gold Standard, applying the AMS-I.C methodology, (Thermal energy production with or without electricity – Version 21)  
The Gold Standard is a standard for voluntary carbon offset projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It requires projects to meet rigorous environmental and social criteria and ensures the offset credits generated are of the highest quality. The Gold Standard is widely recognized as a leading certification body for carbon offsetting and has played a significant role in advancing sustainable development and climate action.


How does this project contribute to the SDG’s?

The activities implemented as part of this project contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals in the beneficiary communities, with a special focus on:

Number of solar cookers distributed: 50,000

Number of jobs created: 15

Estimated GHG Emission Reductions (GS VER): 109,294 tCO2e/year

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    Zaoyuan Solar Cooker Project’s proponent is Sirreon Technology and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ALLCOT Trading has marketing rights for these carbon credits. 

    ALLCOT is not involved in the development of this project. The project has been registered under Gold Standard and verified by Earthood Services Private Limited. The project complies with all the protocols required by the standard. 

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