ALLCOT Trading

conservacion internacional colombia signs agreement with ALLCOT Trading

ALLCOT Trading and Conservation International Colombia combine efforts to transform traditional Trading

Transparency, commitment and ambition are the fundamental pillars of an agreement that goes the extra mile to preserve the environment. 

Six months after the COP26, the aftermath has shown that despite some exciting commitments and alliances, it is not being done enough to turn over the climate crisis and meet the goals from the Paris Agreement.

With that in mind, the first responsible Trading House has emerged in the Paris Era, which collaborates hand in hand with one of the most environmentally committed organizations in the world. 

With the ultimate goal of sustainable impact, ALLCOT Trading, a new business unit from ALLCOT, has agreed with Conservation International Colombia to ensure, from each transaction, an extra benefit for the environment.

Under the custodianship of Conservation International Colombia, 5% of ALLCOT Trading’s net income will go to the Raphäel Fund, a fund created to protect vulnerable ecosystems and communities. 

ALLCOT Trading relies on a unique way of doing business: Triple Impact Trading, which means guaranteeing an environmental, social and economic impact on every transaction, setting a higher standard for sustainability and traditional trading to procure a more sustainable present and future.

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