ALLCOT Trading

ALLCOT Trading

Carbon tokenization

Press release | Carbon tokenization starts on Polkadot

In the DAO IPCI parachain, 1000 tons of CO2 were marketed and tokenized, creating a carbon offset gateway for the Polkadot ecosystem. The first 1000 tons of carbon offsets certified by Cercarbono standard were provided by ALLCOT to Robonomics via Evercity platform. This, using DAO IPCI Kusama Chain Candidate 1 (CC1). The transaction was enabled …

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offset market choices

Offset market choices

Carbon offsets can be used to meet Paris Agreement goals or voluntary targets. However, it depends on host country policies. Bearing in mind that the work of elaborating the Paris Agreement is already completed, after nations signed off on the high-level rules regarding carbon markets at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, we can now look …

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